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200 Hour Graduates 500 Hour Graduates

Bethany Haller

- 200-hour

Bethany’s introduction to yoga was in 2002, attending prenatal classes.  Over the years, she took Hatha, Kripalu, and Ashtanga classes, slowly realizing the shift […]

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Lori Klein

Dillsburg, Pennsylvania - 500-hour

Lori Klein, eRYT,  started practicing yoga in 1998 to ease a stressful pregnancy and started to transform her life. She began studying Power Yoga […]

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Stan Woodman

Greenwich, Connecticut - 500-hour

Stan Woodman took his first yoga class in 1991 and began a dedicated practice in 1997. Having moved to New York from Colorado 9 […]

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Sheila Magalhaes

East Longmeadow, Massachusetts - 500-hour

Sheila Magalhaes, eRYT, is the owner/director of Heartsong Yoga Center – serving the East Longmeadow, MA community for over 20 years.  Sheila is also […]

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Ann Richardson

Virginia Beach, Virginia - 500-hour

Ann was led to the yoga practice while directing her own dance studio. She began practicing in 1999 and was immediately hooked. Ann is […]

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Jo Kirsch

Manchester Center, Vermont - 500-hour

Jo Kirsch, E-RYT 500, is co-owner of Heart of the Village Yoga in Manchester, Vermont and has been practicing yoga for 23years.  A student […]

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Danielle Goldstein

Stony Brook & Montauk, New York - 500-hour

Danielle Goldstein is the founder and owner of Mindful Turtle Yoga & Wellness. She has had a dedicated yoga practice for over 15 years […]

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Suzanne Manafort

Newington, Connecticut - 500-hour

Suzanne Manafort, eRYT, is Director of Newington Yoga Center, Founder/Director of Mindful Yoga Therapy, and a board member of The Give Back Yoga Foundation. […]

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Laura Berland

Bridgehampton, New York - 500-hour

Laura Berland, e-RYT 500, is the founder of Talking Yoga, a digital yoga education and service platform, sharing the wisdom of master teachers with students around the globe

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Nydia Darby

San Antonio, Texas - 500-hour

Nydia is the director of Nydia’s Yoga Therapy Studio in San Antonio. Texas. With a doctorate in physical therapy, Nydia melds traditional western physical therapy

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Nancy Garnhart

Eliot, Maine - 500-hour

Nancy Garnhart is co-owner and director of Yoga in ME in Eliot, Maine. She is a 500 hour graduate with The Hard & The […]

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Debra Kelly

Grasonville, Maryland - 500-hour

Debra Kelly is the owner/founder of Life Elements Yoga and Ayurveda in Stevensville, Maryland. She began her studies with Beryl in 2005 and has […]

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Pam Schulte

St. Louis, MIssouri - 500-hour

Pam Schulte E-RYT500, has been teaching yoga in St Louis Missouri since 1998. She is the owner/director of Just Practice Yoga, offering 200 hour […]

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Stacey Duquette

East Longmeadow, MA - 500-hour

Stacey Duquette, E-RYT 500, has been practicing Yoga since 1990 and has been teaching since 1997. In addition to her training with Beryl, she […]

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Maribeth Mackenzie

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - 500-hour

Maribeth Mackenzie began practicing yoga as a means to compliment her biathlon training. Her first class was in a cold, dance studio in a […]

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Paul Miller

Nassau, New Hampshire - 500-hour

Paul Miller  holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from U Mass Lowell. He has over 25 years of management experience and 30 years playing […]

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Kathy McNames

S. Burlington, Vermont - 500-hour

Kathy McNames, Co-Owner and Co-Director of Yoga Vermont since l988, has been teaching yoga over ten years. She began studying Yoga in California with […]

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Christine Hoar

Montauk, NY - 500-hour

Christine Hoar, eRyt, is the founder and director of Bristol Yoga, VT and Ashtanga Montauk, NY.

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Mary Beth Nehl

Wilmar, Minnesota - 500-hour

 Mary Beth Nehl, e-RYT., resides in Willmar, Minnesota and, is the director of The Yoga Loft, a beautiful studio and work in wood ,constructed […]

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Ruth Richman

Cardigan, PEI, Canada - 500-hour

Ruth Richman lives in Prince Edward Island, Canada.  She received 500 hour certification from Beryl Bender Birch and The Hard and The Soft Astanga […]

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Lex Fry

Chestertown, Maryland - 500-hour

Lex is the director of Missing Link Yoga and Pilates at Washington College, in Chestertown, MD. She began dabbling in yoga 20 years ago, […]

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Jean Wolfersteig

Hurley, New York - 500-hour

Jean Wolfersteig’s fascination with yoga began in the late sixties in college, when she attended yoga classes during student demonstrations. Since those early days, […]

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Melissa DeWaters-Fedi

Hawaii - 500-hour

Melissa DeWaters-Fedi In the 12 years since she started practicing yoga, Melissa has been known for her gentle, engaging, and adaptable style- believing that […]

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Anne Falvo

York Haven, Pennsylvania - 500-hour

Anne Falvo Six years ago, amid the happy chaos of raising four children, Anne stumbled onto the path of Ashtanga yoga. While initially attracted […]

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Christine Hoagland

Tulsa, ,Oklahoma - 500-hour

Christine began dancing, tumbling and riding horses at about the same time she learned how to walk. After suffering several injuries from years of […]

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Elisabeth Andersson

Bollnäs, Sweden - 500-hour

Elisabeth Andersson, e-RYT 500, is the owner of Yogastudion in Bollnäs, Sweden. She started her education in Sweden 2002 as a power yoga teacher.Elisabeth […]

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Ellen Bain

Santa Barbara, CA - 500-hour

Ellen brings a dynamic, authentic approach to teaching yoga with the goal of making it accessible to all levels of students…particularly athletes, skeptics, beginners, […]

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John McKenney Jr.

Sarasota, FL - 500-hour

John McKenney is the founder and director of Yogi John’s Ashtanga Club in Sarasota, Florida where he has taught Ashtanga Yoga for over 15 […]

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Char Grossman

Pepper Pike, OH - 500-hour

Char Grossman is professionally recognized as a Therapeutic Yoga Specialist and a Nationally Certified School Psychologist. She obtained post-masters graduate certification and has worked […]

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Elizabeth Hansen

New York, New York - 500-hour

Elizabeth de G. R. Hansen, Ph.D., RYT – After a career in colleges and universities teaching anthropology and administering international programs, Elizabeth began to […]

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Calvin Curameng

Orlando, Florida - 500-hour

Calvin Curameng Studying under Beryl, gave him that extra push he needed to teach people this practice we fondly call Power Yoga. Along with […]

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Theresa Curameng

Orlando, Florida - 500-hour

Theresa Curameng simply loves to practice and teach yoga. There are no words to describe the immense joy she gets from making others feel […]

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Joe Pilewski

Madeira Beach, FL - 500-hour

Joe Pilewski In my search to find relief from 16 years of back pain after being hit by a car I found Beryl Bender […]

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Alex V. Shipman

Fort Lauderdale, FL - 500-hour

In 1998 Alex was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga through Beryl’s book “Power Yoga” and progressed to taking her teacher trainings in East Hampton, Omega […]

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Judy Stasek

Greenwood, Indiana - 500-hour

Judy Stasek has been studying yoga with Beryl for over 10 years. Her passion for yoga has been influenced and shaped by Kripalu, Iyengar, […]

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Dana Spates

Paynesville, Minnesota - 500-hour

Dana Spates is the owner of Holistic Health Options in Paynesville MN. She began her study of yoga with Mary Beth Nehl in Willmar […]

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Marianne Mitsinikos

Commack, New York - 500-hour

Marianne Mitsinikos has been studying Yoga since 1980. Her passion for Yoga led her to study and practice many different traditions with some of […]

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Jimmy Lennon

Bellport, NY - 500-hour

I came to Yoga about 15 years ago to heal some nagging injuries I accrued while training in Tae Kwan Do, the Korean martial […]

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Laura Liss

Downingtown PA - 500-hour

Laura Liss is the founder and director of The Center Health•Yoga•Arts in Downingtown, PA. Intrigued by moving through poses while being reminded to breathe, […]

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Julie Horst

Bennington, VT - 200-hour

Julie grew up studying classical ballet, and performed into young adulthood. When she retired to pursue a corporate career and, ultimately, raise a family, […]

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Amy Greeman

Florence, MA - 200-hour

Amy Greeman began practicing yoga in 2005, gravitating to a Baptiste vinyasa practice. In 2009, she took an Ashtanga class with Georgiann Kristek in […]

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Mark Kent

Wilbraham, MA - 200-hour

Mark has been a passionate athlete his entire life, discovering yoga in 2001. He became certified as a YMCA cycling instructor, Pilates instructor and […]

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CA (Carol Anne) McGowan

Belchertown, MA - 200-hour

CA (Carol Anne) McGowan has been practicing yoga for 25 years, and more recently found her “home” in Astanga yoga.  The immersion of yoga […]

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Megan Clifford

Chelsea, MA - 200-hour

Megan was introduced to yoga when she was young. Yoga has been a great tool to help her learn to really pay attention. Having […]

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Sara Dasso

New Braunfels, TX - 200-hour

Sara has been a life-long athlete; growing-up a competitive swimmer, playing Division I Lacrosse in college, and currently competing as a triathlete. As an […]

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Gail Duval

Nashua, NH - 200-hour

Gail Duval has been a sincere student of yoga since 2006. In 2012, she met Beryl and decided to continue her study of yoga […]

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Kristen Cochran

Setauket, NY - 200-hour

Kristen Cochran is a 200-hr graduate of The Hard & Soft Yoga Institute Teacher Training at Mindful Turtle Yoga and Wellness in NY. Yoga […]

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Roxana Lucero

North Babylon, NY - 200-hour

Roxana began practicing yoga over 13 years ago at a local gym and fell in love with it immediately.  The challenge and fulfillment was […]

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Steve Sampson

- 200-hour

Steve Sampson, RYT-200, has been practicing yoga since 2009. He originally began his asana practice as a supplement to his love of cycling, but […]

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Lyn Hopkins

Longmeadow, MA - 200-hour

Lyn has been practicing Ashtanga yoga at Heartsong for over 14 years. Her interest in yoga developed while working as a Personal Fitness Trainer […]

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Glenda Trujillo

South Setauket, NY - 200-hour

My yoga journey began at Mindful Turtle in May 2010, where it continues to take me through amazing self-discovery. In a bit of a […]

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Lezlie Laws

Winter Park, Florida - 200-hour

Lezlie Laws is a professor of English at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL, where she teaches writing, nonfiction literature, and yoga. She has […]

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Zoe Green

Vancouver, British Columbia - 200-hour

It is my passion to share yoga’s practical tools for an energized existence with others and my soul’s purpose to help people build bigger […]

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Janet Huml

Stony Brook, NY - 200-hour

Janet’s study of language development and language-based learning disabilities began some 40 years ago.  Her work has included working with children from birth-college age.  […]

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Michelle Ryan

Chesterfield, Massachusetts - 200-hour

Michelle Ryan is the owner/director of Florence Yoga, the first Ashtanga-based yoga studio in the Northampton area. She took her first yoga classes in […]

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Nicole Sansone

East Jewett, New York - 200-hour

Nicole Sansone received her 200 hour teaching certification in 2008 from the Hard & The Soft Yoga Institute with Beryl Bender Birch. She is […]

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Nicole Otte Stetson

North Bennington, Vermont - 200-hour

Nicole Otte Stetson is a mother, educator, and evolving student of yoga. She discovered her love of yoga after reading Beryl Bender Birch’s books, […]

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Amy Taub

Setauket, New York - 200-hour

Amy Taub is a RYT-200 hour yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, and is currently working towards her 500 hour certification with The Hard and […]

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Leslie Caldwell

Chapel Hill, North Carolina - 200-hour

Leslie Caldwell has been practicing yoga regularly since 2000. She noticed that the practice of Astanga yoga created an energy and calm that she […]

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Katie Friedland

Norwich, Vermont - 200-hour

Katie Friedland was introduced to ashtanga yoga shortly after receiving her certification as an athletic trainer by the American Council of Exercise in 1998. […]

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Mandy Spanier

Tulsa, ,Oklahoma - 200-hour

Mandy Spanier was first introduced to yoga on a trip to Santa Barbara, California in 2007. She returned home to Tulsa, Oklahoma knowing that […]

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D. Miles Barnard

Chestertown, Maryland - 200-hour

D. Miles Barnard began practicing yoga with his wife Lex in 2001 and together they have traveled to countless teacher trainings, weekend workshops and […]

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Mary Dennis Broidy

Southampton, New York - 200-hour

Mary Broidy is trained as an economist. She received her MA from New York University in 1990 and worked for Merrill Lynch Financial Economics […]

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Christine Wiese

Gainesville, Florida - 200-hour

Christine Wiese took her first Ashtanga Yoga class in 2001 and has been enthusiastically practicing ever since. The joy of movement without performance and […]

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Michael Aronoff

Greenlawn, New York - 200-hour

Michael Aronoff is the owner and founder of Awaken Yoga and Meditation Center located in Greenlawn, town of Huntington, New York. Michael has been […]

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Devon Roe

Reston, Virginia - 200-hour

Devon Roe found ashtanga yoga after a college dance injury and began teaching in 2000. She has trained almost exclusively with Beryl Bender Birch […]

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Ross Marshall

Scotch Plains, New Jersey - 200-hour

Ross Marshall After many years of practicing various forms of yoga, Ross discover Power Yoga with Beryl Bender Birch and Thom Birch through the […]

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Elizabeth Stewart Combs

Bellingham, Washington & Park City, Utah - 200-hour

Elizabeth Stewart Combs honors all her teachers who have guided her along the path. She has been studying and practicing yoga since she first […]

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Tricia Krac

Hewlett, New York - 200-hour

Tricia Krac is a certified yoga educator and instructor and is registered with Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour level. She is also a […]

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Suzanne Brubaker

Aldie, Virginia - 200-hour

Suzanne Brubaker began taking yoga classes in 2003, experimenting with different styles and teachers. It wasn’t until her first Ashtanga Yoga class, however, that […]

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MaryAnn Okrongly

Ridgefield, Connecticut - 200-hour

MaryAnn Okrongly is a Registered Nurse and teaches yoga at the Yoga Shala, Georgetown, CT. She had been a long time runner when she […]

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Laurie Bonomo

Mount Sinai, New York - 200-hour

Laurie Bonomo started practicing yoga in 2001 to help get her through the physical and emotional stress of years of infertility treatments, and has […]

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Suzy Boerema

St. Augustine, Florida - 200-hour

Suzy Boerema’s love of yoga began as a young girl growing up in Miami in the 70’s. Her mother practiced in the home and […]

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Bob Speck

Manchester Center, Vermont - 200-hour

Bob Speck is the Managing Director of Programs and Staff Development at the Adaptive Sports Foundation (ASF) in Windham, NY. At ASF, he develops […]

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Georgiann Kristek

Flororence, Massachusetts - 200-hour

Georgiann Kristek began studying yoga in 1997, primarily practicing in the Kripalu tradition. In 2005 she was introduced to Ashtanga yoga at Yoga East […]

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Natalie Ulrich

New York, New York - 200-hour

Natalie Ulrich is a student of life, yoga and consciousness. She has been teaching yoga since 1999. Natalie is a registered Teacher with the […]

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Linda Mackay

Rye, New York - 200-hour

Linda Mackay began practicing yoga in 2004, in Rye NY, where she has lived for 18 years with her husband and two daughters. Having […]

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Rebecca Dennis

Crossville, Tennessee - 200-hour

Rebecca Dennis, E-RYT 500 is the director of Laughing Bodies, Yoga and Pilates in Crossville, TN. She has been teaching full time for over […]

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